UZTM-KARTEX Organizes Production in Kuzbass

28 June 2019

The managing company UZTM-KARTEX, Gazprombank and Kemerovskaya Oblast took decision to establish a service center of the machine-building company and organize production of some components for electric rope shovels at the site of Kemerovokhimmash – machine-building asset of the holding company SBU-Holding. At the same time, UZTM-KARTEX starts development of new machines together with specialists of Saint-Petersburg engineering center and SBU-Holding.

The meeting attended by the general director of the managing company UZTM-KARTEX Yan Tsenter, vice-president – head of Center for development and support of machine-building assets of Gazprombank Alexey Pozdeyev, director of Gazprombank branch in Kemerovo Pavel Scherbakov, and governor of Kemerovo Oblast Sergey Tsivilev took place last Tuesday in Moscow. In June the parties discussed the projects under the cooperation agreement signed by Gazprombank, UZTM-KARTEX, SBU Holding, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and government of Kuzbass.

The document provides for a number of measures aimed at an increase in efficiency of the existing mining equipment manufactured by Uralmashplant and UZTM-KARTEX using the production facilities of SBU holding, development and production of new mining, conveying and shaft equipment in compliance with the import substitution program, and organization of joint manufacture of components and parts for mining equipment at enterprises of Kemerovo Oblast.

According to Yan Tsenter, to provide for highly efficient servicing of mining equipment used at the enterprises of Kemerovo Oblast, UZTM-KARTEX plans to organize its own regional service center in the near future. At present, an authorized dealer services the mining machinery in Kemerovo Oblast. UZTM-KARTEX carries out negotiations about formation of a warehouse for spares at the territory of a mining enterprise, weighs the options of subdivisions for maintenance of machines during warranty and post-warranty periods.

Some spares for the warehouses will be produced in the territory of Kuzbass: the joint venture for manufacture of some components and parts for shovels EKG-20 and EKG-35 will be organized at the facilities of Kemerovokhimmash (forms part of SBU-Ugol).

"The local content in manufacturing is a project profitable to all participants. The plants of UZTM-KARTEX will reduce their expenses for transportation and enhance the level of service thanks to fast delivery of spare parts. We will be able to run the enterprises at a higher capacity and develop competencies of the machine-building specialists," said the governor.

UZTM-KARTEX plans to create machines of new type: the company plans to sign an agreement with the engineering center of the group of companies CompMechLab (Saint-Petersburg) for design of equipment for electric rope shovels with high unit capacity (bucket capacity of 35-42 cu. m) and hydraulic excavators of 200-250 t in weight using digital technologies, including "digital twins" to precisely specify strength parameters of elements and improve design solutions. Specialists of SBU-Ugol will take part in the preparation of new equipment specifications; the new machinery will be tested at the site of this company.

"Kuzbass is a strategic region for UZTM-KARTEX owing to a high concentration of the largest coal-mining companies, which are main purchasers of excavation equipment manufactured by Uralmashplant and IZ-KARTEX. Our company sets an ambitious goal for itself: to deliver machines that fully satisfy the expectations of the customers. The involvement of the regional administration and management of mining companies in the process of creating highly efficient and reliable national equipment is especially valuable for us. The personal participation of Mikhail Yurievich Fediayev, president of the holding company Siberian Business Union, and his support promote the intensive development of the Russian machine-building industry," said Yan Tsenter.

The Group of Companies UZTM-KARTEX was constituted in 2015. It consolidates the major Russian manufacturers of mining equipment – "Uralmashplant" JSC, Ekaterinburg, P. G. Korobkov IZ –KARTEX, St.-Petersburg, and OMZ Foundry LLC, which supplies heavy and large castings to the machine-building companies. Gazprombank is the main shareholder of all three members of the Group.

"Uralmashplant" JSC (UZTM) founded in July 1933 is one of the leaders among the manufacturers of equipment for mining, metallurgy, construction-materials and power-engineering industries. The main products manufactured by the enterprise include crushing and grinding equipment (crushers and grinding mills of various sizes), rope shovels, hydraulic excavators and walking draglines of various types and modifications, heavy overhead cranes, metallurgical presses, accessories and tools for them, and mine hoists. The Company's development strategy aims to launch machine-building lines that would be capable of providing end-to-end solutions to the mining and metallurgical industry to achieve their production targets using equipment manufactured by UZTM and other Russian producers. "Uralmashplant" JSC, supported by its strategic partner Gazprombank, implements an investment program that provides for a large-scale upgrade of the Company's machining and welding facilities, digitalization of production processes.

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