Uralmashplant Dispatches Cranes for "Zvezda"

26 June 2019

"Uralmashplant" JSC (UZTM) completed the dispatch of two heavy overhead cranes to the customer – shipbuilding complex "Zvezda". The equipment was delivered within the period specified in the contract.

The contract with the shipbuilding complex "Zvezda" (Bolshoi kamen, Primorskiy Territory) for manufacture, supply and erection of two heavy 320 t overhead cranes was signed in July 2018.

The main units (equalizing beams, main and auxiliary hoist trolleys, cross beams and hooks) were manufactured at the shops of "Uralmashplant" JSC, the large-size parts, including span beams were manufactured at the site of the ship-repair yard Slavyanskiy (Primorskiy Territory) in strict compliance with the designer's documentation and under supervision of Uralmashplant experts.

According to the contractual requirements, the shipment of both cranes should be performed in one lot; hence the ship-repair yard Slavyanskiy had the full set of equipment and performed trial assembly of crane bridges.

To reduce the duration of equipment erection at the customer's site – assembly shop of shipbuilding complex "Zvezda" – "Uralmashplant" JSC pre-assembled the span beams with equalizing beams, as well as main and auxiliary hoist trolleys. "The organization of pre-assembly at the ship-repair yard Slavyanskiy, which is located far from the destination, and complete sea shipment allowed delivering ready units to the customer's site, and thus performing the erection of the equipment within as short time as possible," said Evgeny Prokhorov, first deputy general director of "Uralmashplant" JSC.

The dispatch has taken place today: both sets will be shipped on board of the motor ship Bogatyr toward the destination, where representatives of "Uralmashplant" JSC involved in assembly and supervision activities at site will unload and place them on the intermediate storage area.

The overhead cranes are supplied to the customer with cross beams for 160 and 260 t, they will be used in assembly of large sections and units of the ship bow, engine and cargo spaces.

Shipbuilding complex "Zvezda" Ltd. is the first Russian shipyard for building large-capacity vessels capable of satisfying the needs of Russian customers in building offshore machinery for extraction of natural resources on the national continental shelf. The consortium including Rosneftegaz, Rosneft Oil Company and Gazprombank implements this strategic project important for the Far East region in compliance with the order of the President and government of the Russian Federation. The construction of the complex takes place in the bay of the city of Bolshoi kamen, Primorskiy Territory, based on the facilities of the Far East Ship Building and Repair Center and Far East plant "Zvezda".

"Uralmashplant" JSC (UZTM) founded in July 1933 is one of the leaders among the manufacturers of equipment for mining, metallurgy, construction-materials and power-engineering industries. The main products manufactured by the enterprise include crushing and grinding equipment (crushers and grinding mills of various sizes), rope shovels, hydraulic excavators and walking draglines of various types and modifications, heavy overhead cranes, metallurgical presses, accessories and tools for them, mine hoists. The Company's development strategy aims to launch machine-building lines that would be capable of providing end-to-end solutions to the mining and metallurgical industry to achieve their production targets using equipment manufactured by UZTM and other Russian producers. "Uralmashplant" JSC supported by its strategic partner Gazprombank implements an investment program that provides for a large-scale upgrade of the Company's machining and welding facilities, digitalization of production processes.

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