EKG-20 Commissioned in Kazakhstan

5 June 2019

The flagship shovel EKG-20 manufactured by Uralmashplant (UZTM) started operation at the largest coal-mining company of Kazakhstan – Bogatyr Komir. This is the first machine of this class exported by UZTM.

EKG-20 that will be used for overburden operations was shipped last year, at the end of December. The start-up of the shovel for commercial operation at the opencast mine Bogatyr took place on 30 May.

The shovel with rack crowd drive and 20 cu. m. dipper is the first machine of this class for the company. The machinery fleet of Bogatyr Komir mainly consists of shovels with rope crowd drive and up to 15 cu. m dippers produced by IZ-KARTEX (together with Uralmashplant they formed the managing company UZTM-KARTEX).

"We expect that the commissioning of EKG-20 – machine with higher unit capacity – will allow us to significantly increase the amount of overburden operations toward 2020," – said Nikolay Korsakov, general director of Bogatyr Komir. According to him, they will decide on further procurements of such shovels based on the results of the first year of operation of EKG-20.

The commercial director of the managing company UZTM-KARTEX Andrey Ganin emphasized that the design solutions used in EKG-20 will allow the Kazakhstan company to implement the plans providing for performance growth: the special design of the shovel dipper provides for an increase in the usage of its capacity and substantially contributes to the volume of excavation.

"EKG-20 produced by UZTM became the first machine of this class for Bogatyr and the first 20 cu. m shovel supplied abroad. We hope for a growth of sales of these machines in the market of Kazakhstan. Now, our priority task is establishment of a service infrastructure to provide for high level of service for the machinery supplied by the group of companies UZTM-KARTEX," – said Andrey Ganin.

Bogatyr Komir is one of the largest opencast coal mining enterprises worldwide, its coal reserves amount to 2.62 billion tons. The annual coal production in 2018 achieved 45 million tons. At present, Bogatyr Komir accounts for 70 % of all coal output at the Ekibastuz coalfield and 40 % of the total coal production in Kazakhstan. The company develops two coalmines at the Ekibastuz coalfield (Bogatyr and Northern), where it produces the coal of coking caking slightly metamorphosed grade. The coal produced by Bogatyr is used at electric power stations of Urals and Kazakhstan.

"Uralmashplant" JSC (UZTM) founded in July 1933 is one of the leaders among the manufacturers of equipment for mining, metallurgy, construction-materials and power-engineering industries. The main products manufactured by the enterprise include crushing and grinding equipment (crushers and grinding mills of various sizes), rope shovels, hydraulic excavators and walking draglines of various types and modifications, heavy overhead cranes, metallurgical presses, accessories and tools for them, mine hoists. The Company's development strategy aims to launch machine-building lines that would be capable of providing end-to-end solutions to the mining and metallurgical industry to achieve their production targets using equipment manufactured by UZTM and other Russian producers. "Uralmashpalnt" JSC supported by its strategic partner Gazprombank implements an investment program that provides for a large-scale upgrade of the Company's machining and welding facilities, digitalization of production processes.

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