EKG-20 Starts Operation at Karelsky Okatysh

16 January 2019

EKG-20, leading model of Uralmashplant shovels, was commissioned at Karelsky Okatysh deposit. The company purchased it under the quarry equipment renewal program and based on the experience of using the shovel with rack crowd supplied by UZTM. The new EKG-20 is adapted for operation in harsh environment of ore mines; it guarantees stable operation and good performance.

Karelsky Okatysh JSC (part of Severstal JSC) is a key buyer of Uralmashplant mining equipment. The main activity of this ore-dressing enterprise is ore production and processing. The enterprise uses mining shovels, crushers, induration equipment with UZTM trademark.

Karelsky Okatysh purchased the EKG-20 under the quarry equipment renewal program for use at Zapadny open pit. The enterprise already uses a shovel with bucket of 12 cubic meters (EKG-12A) and rack crowd commissioned in 2008 and highly appreciates its performance.

According to Zakhar Pavlov, head of Karelsky Okatysh mine administration, the decision to buy a shovel with the same type of front-end equipment but equipped with a bucket of higher capacity was made on the basis of the experience gained with EKG-12A. According to the company's tradition, they decorated the machine with the image of King Kong, a mighty film character.

The enterprise management expects high performance and low job cost from the new machine. "We hope that the cost of ownership will be the lowest compared to other shovels of Karelsky Okatysh," says Zakhar Pavlov.

Konstantin Smirnykh, excavating equipment sales director of the managing company UZTM-Kartex, confirms that the performance and cost of excavation are the most important factors the customer is guided by when selecting the equipment. "8 years of EKG-20 operation showed that the cost of excavation per 1 cubic meter of rock is significantly lower compared to similar foreign machines," said Konstantin Smirnykh.

The shovels of this model demonstrate good efficiency both at coal open pits and at opencast mines of ore-mining companies. "We continuously work to improve the design and processes used to manufacture the excavating equipment based on the experience and specifics of their operation at fields. EKG-20 commissioned at Karelsky Okatysh was adapted for excavation of hard rocks," said Konstantin Smirnykh.

The first shovel EKG-20 adapted for ore mining in open pits was supplied to Mikhailovsky GOK (Metallinvest) in 2014. At present, seven of thirty shovels EKG-20 manufactured by UZTM are used at opencast ore mines. Now, Uralmashplant specialists started erection of another EKG-20 at Lebedinsky GOK, this will be the third machine of this type at this GOK.

"According to our projections, the companies that extract ores will be interested in machines with bucket capacity of 20 cubic meters and more as such equipment of higher unit performance fits their business goals," noticed Konstantin Smirnykh.

”Uralmashplant” JSC is one of the leaders on the Russian market of equipment for metallurgy, mining industry, oil and gas industry, building materials industry and power engineering industry. The strategy of the company’s development aims at creation of a world-class machine-building company, capable to completely fulfill all equipment requirements a customer may have.
With support of the principal shareholder – Gazprombank – Uralmashplant has developed and is implementing an investment program providing for fundamental modernization of production facilities.

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