Uralmashplant to Supply Cranes for Kola Shipyard NOVATEK

17 January 2019

"Uralmashplant" JSC (UZTM) won the bid for supply of 64 heavy overhead cranes to NOVATEK-Murmansk Ltd., which implements a unique project in the Kola Peninsula: construction of offshore natural gas liquefaction facilities. The equipment will be manufactured in consortium with Tyazhmash (Syzran) and ASK Company (Saint-Petersburg). Gazprombank will control the implementation of the project.

NOVATEK-Murmansk Ltd. (subsidiary of NOVATEK JSC) invited to tender in July of 2018 and announced the results on 28 December. Uralmashplant in consortium with the major players in the market of handling equipment – Tyazhmash and ASK Company – will manufacture and supply 64 overhead cranes with load-lifting capacities of 10 to 300 tons. According to the contract, the major share of handling equipment (51 cranes) will be shipped in 2019. At present, the members of the consortium led by Uralmashplant distribute the amount of the order among the companies.

The cranes will be used on the production sites of the Large-Capacity Offshore Structures Construction Center, which is under construction within the framework of the NOVATEK's large-scale project Arctic LNG-2 implemented for commercial development of the Extreme North resources. The project provides for construction of three floating LNG plants with a capacity over 6 million tons of liquefied gas each till 2025.

The fulfillment of the order for manufacture and supply of heavy cranes will be controlled by Gazprombank, main strategic partner of Uralmashplant. As the leader of the consortium, Uralmashplant will control the process, divide the scope of work among the members, and have overall charge of the work.

"Forming a consortium with participation of the major Russian manufacturers of heavy cranes to fulfill such a unique order is a strategic decision, important for all heavy engineering sector. The plants shall have to manufacture a large number of equipment on a tight schedule; the successful fulfillment of this task by the consortium will expand the references for implementation of integrated projects. This is necessary both for participation in similar future tenders and for expansion of Uralmashplant share in the market of handling equipment. On the whole, the implementation of this project will allow us to gain a unique experience of establishing cooperation among Russian enterprises of the same industry sector; this will positively contribute to the marketability of domestic products in the national market," said Yan Tsenter, vice-president of Gazprombank board, chairman of Uralmashplant board of directors.

”Uralmashplant” JSC is one of the leaders on the Russian market of equipment for metallurgy, mining industry, oil and gas industry, building materials industry and power engineering industry. The strategy of the company’s development aims at creation of a world-class machine-building company, capable to completely fulfill all equipment requirements a customer may have.
With support of the principal shareholder – Gazprombank – Uralmashplant has developed and is implementing an investment program providing for fundamental modernization of production facilities.

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