Uralmashplant Strengthens Quality Control of Raw Materials

10 September 2018

Within the framework of an investment program implemented by Gazprombank, the main partner of the plant, Uralmashplant procured a spectrum analyzer for metals and alloys. This device will enable the plant to increase the quality of final product and reduce the production time.

The Germany-made optical emission portable spectrometer, 6.5 million Rubles worth, was delivered to Uralmashplant last week. This device allows checking raw metal products for compliance with quality standards directly at production areas and also carrying out analyses faster and more often. Previously the plant had to employ third party laboratories for carrying-out chemical analysis of procured metal products because of the lack of equipment. Chemical analysis carried-out by a third party laboratory took minimum two weeks (significantly affecting the equipment manufacture period) , while the new device will make it possible to carry out the most complex analyses in one hour.

According to Mr. Ilya Shakhov, the quality director of the plant, there are a lot of claims to the suppliers of metal products, since their quality is often deviating from the requirements set forth in GOST standards and equipment customer's specifications. "Commissioning of a new spectrometer will make us able to accurately examine the quality of products before the commencement of manufacturing process. With this device we can carry-out nearly any analysis, because it is able to analyze not only forgings and rolled metal, but also welding wire and Babbit metals," says Mr. Shakhov. He also mentioned that the analyzer will allow us to strengthen the quality control of incoming products and at the production stage. Similar equipment is widely used by machine-tool manufactures, military factories, and aircraft factories.

The investment program aimed at the modernization and technical retrofitting of production facilities is being implemented at Uralmashplant since the end of the last year. The volume of investments into the modernization of production facilities is estimated at 1.5 billion Rubles. The investment program covers the procurement of five state-of-art machining centers, implementation of industrial safety projects, and digitalization of production process.

”Uralmashplant” JSC is one of the leaders on the Russian market of equipment for metallurgy, mining industry, oil and gas industry, building materials industry and power engineering industry. The strategy of the company’s development aims at creation of a world-class machine-building company, capable to completely fulfill all equipment requirements a customer may have.
With support of the principal shareholder – Gazprombank – Uralmashplant has developed and is implementing an investment program providing for fundamental modernization of production facilities.

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