In the Second World War the plant was awarded with Challenge Red Banner for over 27 times and in 1946 State Defense Committee prescribed to leave the banner with the plant for safe keeping in perpetuity. The highest award in the USSR - title of a Hero of the Soviet Union was bestowed to fifteen workers of Uralmashplant. Twelve Uralmash workers were conferred with Hero of Socialist Labour title. The enterprise has become a cradle of unique machinery and equipment and there’s no coincidence that six Uralmashplant workers became Lenin prize winners and 130 workers were awarded with USSR State Prize.

Order of Lenin

Awarded on April 15th 1939 for outstanding achievements in machinery design and manufacturing, fulfillment and over-fulfillment of state plan, effective Stakhanovite movement to increase worker productivity.

Order of the Red Banner of Labour

Presented on June 5th 1942 for consistently high results in the implementation and fulfillment of state orders for armored tank-hull production.

Order of Lenin

Decorated on January 5th 1944 for distinguished services in development and manufacture of new types of artillery and immaculate performance of State Defense Committee tasks.

Order of Lenin

Given on November 18th 1944 for outstanding services and achievements in design, production and improvement of existing artillery.

Order of the Patriotic War 1st class

Presented on June 21st 1945 for successful performance of tasks from State Defense Committee to equip the Red Army with artillery.

Order of the Red Banner

Awarded on September 16th 1945 for successful completion of State Defense Committee tasks to setup mass production of armored hulls for tanks and self-propelled artillery platforms.

Order of the October Revolution

Presented on January 22nd 1971 for breakthrough in launching the production of new high-performance equipment, rolling mills, presses, walking draglines, oil drilling rigs.

Order of the Red Banner of Labour

Conferred to the enterprise on May 22nd 1973 for valuable assistance in design, equipment delivery and erection, and startup of cold rolling plant at Kremikovtsy metal works.

Commander Order of Merit with Star of the of the People's Republic of Poland

Invested to Uralmashplant on December 10th 1976 for outstanding services at construction of Katowice metal works.

Order of Friendship

Presented on July 7th 1978 for twenty-years of successful cooperation between Uralmash Production Association (USSR) and Skoda enterprise (Plzen, Czech Socialist Republic).

Order of the Red Banner of Labour

Awarded on July 14th 1983 for substantial contribution to development and equipment of heavy industry with progressive machinery and great services rendered to the country in the World War II.