История заводаSet in operation on July 15, 1933 Uralmashzavod was equipped in compliance with the latest requirements and witnessed the establishment and re-equipment of basic domestic industries, which still shape the economy and budget of Russia.

In the pre-war period unique machines of original designs were manufactured for the largest mining and metallurgical enterprises of the country. During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) Uralmashzavod produced over 19000 armored hulls, 30 000 field and tank guns, 5500 tanks and self-propelled artillery guns.

The post-war period witnessed a re-start of equipment production for ferrous metallurgy. Large-scale manufacture of drilling rigs and quarry excavators was based on armored vehicles production.

The Plant has delivered high-capacity blooming mills, rolling mills and continuous casting machines to every large-scale metallurgical works in Russia. Uralmashzavod is the only designer and supplier of conveyor-type induration machines. Unique presses of UZTM trademark are used in various industries: metal manufacture, aircraft industry, rocket industry, defense industry, shipbuilding, power engineering, construction materials production.

Almost 12 thousand quarry excavators and 250 walking excavators manufactured by Uralmashzavod are widely used for strip mining of iron, copper, manganese and zinc ores, bauxites, asbestos, coal and other resources found on the territory of Russia. Uralmashzavod walking and crawler-mounted excavators were used for construction of all The Volga-river dams and those on major Siberian rivers.

Ore mining and processing enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, enterprises engaged in mining chemistry and production of construction materials also use Uralmashzavod crushing and milling equipment.

The company supplied 14,5 thousand drilling rigs to develop oil and gas fields in the regions of the Volga river, Tatarya, Bashirya, Middle Asia, Caucasus and Western Siberia. For the first time ever a drill well of 13 km deep was developed by Uralmash-15000 drilling rig in Kola peninsula.

Uralmashzavod supplies metal billets for gas and steam turbine units, as well as for turbine generators.

Uralmashzavod equipment is used in iron ore extraction, processing and casting of two thirds of Russian steel (continuous casting), production of railway tracks and two thirds of cold-rolled sheets, production of four fifth of oil and half of natural gas, half of strip-mined coal.

Uralmashzavod supplies its machines and equipment to 42 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

In 1996 Uralmashzavod became a part of Russian heavy machine-building company United machine-building plants (OMZ). In Autumn 2015, "Uralmashplant" JSC was demerged from the group of companies United Heavy Machinery Plants, public joint-stock company (Uralmash-Izhora Group), owing to the transfer of controlling interest from OMZ PJSC to ZAO "Gazprombank – Assets Management", which controls the close-ended unit fund "Gazprombank – Machine-Building".